The yunomi vessel represents sharing and belonging.

A yunomi is an intimate shape, held by the hands, touched by the mouth, pleasant to use, neither too small nor too large, containing enough to refresh without stinginess or waste.

Yunomi are made and collected by a community of people who appreciate that a successful yunomi vessel strives to fuse the aesthetics of the maker with the soul of the user.

The yunomi represents respect.

Yunomi capture the spirit of a maker at a moment and place in time. That is the beginning of the story. The story continues as the collector imbues the vessel with a mood, an ambiance, a storehouse of experiences that make a particular yunomi a favorite cup for certain moments and in certain situations.

The yunomi I make, the yunomi I collect, all tell tales.

I have had the privilege of being able to wood fire my yunomi vessels while keeping company with other artists, students, instructors, professors, writers, editors, collectors, historians and travelers.

I've found the yunomi to be a perfect shape ans size to stack in a kiln in between larger vessels. I am able to be a repeat guest at many far-flung wood kiln firings and thus enjoy variety and quality time getting to know people in different locales. I am also able to sample the effects that individual kilns and firing patterns produce, helping me better understand the art and science of wood firing.

A wood fire kiln requires close attention and around-the-clock stoking, often over several days. Each shift of stokers has a stake in the outcome of the firing. Teams bear responsibility and trust through the course of the firing.
Flames shoot from the kiln, smoke bellows, heat radiates. The spectacle fosters festive daytime revelry and contemplative nighttime camaraderie.

Thus, wood firing is also about community, sharing and respect. As such, I consider it my preferred way to finish a yunomi cup.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Northern Kentucky University, 1987
Studio in SW Michigan 1988-present

Selection of Recent and Upcoming
Shows, Workshops, Representation
as they pertain to my work with wood fired yunomi:

"Last Call" (show) Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN, March 2016
"Brushstrokes and Fire" (instructor) Gaya Ceramics, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, June 2016
Schaller Gallery, South Haven, MI
Lillstreet Art Center, Ravenswood, Chicago, IL
Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN
Michiana Pottery Tour (annual)
NCECA (annual)

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